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Poems are rated on a one to five star scale with five star being the best (my favorites). You may disagree with my evaluation. If you do, drop me a line.

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Four and Five Star Poem Index
Advice to a Friend *****
Angels Fear to Tread on Barren Earth *****
Angry Finger, Soothing Wind ****
Aphrodite Diet ****
Artemis and Beagles in Suburbia ****
Astronomy *****
A Thousand Stars Falling On Our Heads *****
Beach Erosion *****
California Weaving *****
Dark Chocolate Profiterole ****
Day 11 *****
Distracted ****
Evening Walk at Edge of Night ****
Fair Trade ****
Goldfish as Friends ****
Half Moons on the Bay *****
How to Visit the Zoo ****
I Can Do Anything Now *****
I Did Not Know I Was a Witch *****
In Tandem ****
Japanese Booth Bimbo and Klingon  *****
Lake Life ****
Lament Transformed ****
Licensed Californian ****
Memory Offload ****
Molly Stone's Parking Lot ****
Moments of Awareness   ****
Neck Bite *****
Owed To a Spreadsheet: Spread the Sheets For Love ****
Quality of Service *****
Recovery *****
Run Silent Run Deep ****
Sheila Behind the Bar Dancing ****
Shot Half Fired ****
Sleep Bitch and Dawn *****
Summer in Wintry Fog the City Lay ****
Sunnyvale ****
Song: Sweet Water and Rain ****
Tectonic Shift ****
The Dance ****
The Dark Side of the Moon ****
The Dark Side of the Moon **** (Version 2)
The Fruit of Orange County ****
The Tennis Racquet: A Poem About Love  *****
The Tree, the Face, the Petals *****
The Tree, the Face, the Petals (long version) ***** (poem for four voices)
The Tree, the Face, the Petals ***** (Two stage version)
Turn the Page Again ****
Voyage ****
Wimbledon Came Early This Year ****