Poetry 2005

 Exiting Star **
Unexpectedly at first
Astronomers now see
A sun leaving our galaxy
At a speed unanticipated
Perhaps propelled by a circuit
Around a black hole

Last night
You said
Your mother worried about me
That I might be hurt.
A gracious woman
I said

Perhaps a sun still revolves around
The black hole
Like you
Who revolve around
Your ex with
Your children
Bridge night, book club, sewing circle,
Your old and new business

How could I be hurt
Flung into a different galaxy?
After a brief rotation
I am not so foolish as to think
You can leave a gravity well
So quickly.

Spiralling out takes years
And threading between stars
In what seems to be endless night
But there is a dawn

It's just that we will not wake up
Together to see it