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VideoAnalytica LLC, a company started by Alistair Davidson and Jean Dumouchel provides technology and services to content owners and broadcast networks to enable the insertion and replacement of product placements into existing video and TV content.

With the increasing use of digital video recorders (DVRs), viewers are increasingly skipping commercials. Product placement represents an attractive alternative for advertisers.

VideoAnalytica technology allows content owners to create revenues by selling product placement time slots. These slots can vary by time period, by channel of transmission (e.g. satellite network, cable network, over the air broadcast, DVD production run, TV or video portal). Advanced users of VideoAnalytica technology can target and vary product placements by viewer characteristics e.g. demographics, behavioral targeting.

VideoAnalytica is the main site for VideoAnalytica LLC. is a more informal site where we list our favorite TV shows that work well without commercials.